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Faster Patching Process

Brand New Built-In Voice Chat

Voice Chat

Faster Installation and Patching Process

Compatibility with G+

Seamless transition of your Games and Contacts with Garena +

Built-in News

Faster Installation and Patching Process


Faster Installation and Patching Process
Faster Game Installation and Patching

Brand New Built-In Voice Chat
Built-In Voice Chat

Seamless transition of your Games and Contacts with Garena +
Seamless Transition of Your Games
and Contacts from the Old Garena


Getting Started


Buddy List



Will I have to reinstall the games after I update?

Nope! The new Garena will automatically detect the games that you have previously installed. For those of you having problems, you can use the "Locate Game Files" function, and select the location where the game is installed. The correct folder to select is the folder with a ".gpipe" folder in it.

Can I still find my Garena buddies?

Of course! Just mouse-over your buddy panel on the right and you should see all your recent chats! To browse your entire buddy list, just detach the buddy list from the main window and click on the "Buddies" tab.

How do I use the integrated voice chat?

Click on the voice chat icon on the navigation bar, enter a room with your friends in it and chat away! If you see a voice chat icon on any of your friend's avatar, you can also click on it to go into the room immediately.

Where can I check my Garena Level and Energy?

Hover over your avatar anywhere on the new Garena and you should see a panel showing your Garena Level, Garena Energy and other useful information!

Where can I submit my feedback about the new Garena?

Whether you are having any technical issue or want to share your opinion on the new Garena, feel free to let us know with the feedback form below!

Why is the new Garena taking up more RAM than Garena+?

The new Garena requires more RAM in order to display more dynamic and exciting content for our gamers! However, once you start a game, the new Garena will minimize in order to reduce RAM usage. In this state, its RAM consumption is comparable to Garena+! If your PC is showing unusual memory usage due to the new Garena please contact our customer service and we can help to investigate the issue.


Your gaming experience always matters the most to us. We will continue to make every effort to improve our platform in order to better serve your needs. You are most welcome to leave your feedback with us here.

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